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What are your trading days/hours?

Monday 10am to 5pm

Tuesday 10am to 5pm

Wednesday 10am to 5pm

Thursday 10am to 2pm

Friday 10am to 5pm

Saturday 9am to 2pm

Can open by appointment if required..

Do you have a shop so l can view?

Yes certainly, you can view at 21 Wildon St in Bellevue Wa 6056

Do you Freight to Eastern States?

Yes.   I certainly do.  All l need is to obtain  your postcode and the items you were interested in.  Normally within 30mins of the inquiry l will return a quote to you.

What happens if my goods are damaged whilst they were in transit?

The equipment l send are insured.  If something was dented, ripped etc l will resolve your problem.  Please email with photos (measurments) and l will take it from there.

Can l return my goods if l chose the wrong size or faulty goods?

Leotards: If you chose the wrong style or size, please keep the tags on and you can easily return or swap.

Equipment: If the goods were faulty, l can simply replace.

Grips:  Only Returned if they have no way been worn or marked (no dirt).

Normally they are non-returnable so please measure carefully.

Straps: Yes can be returned if wrong size chosen.

Do you sell Gymnastics supplies/merchandise as well?

Yes.  I have a wonderful range of leotards, crop top, shorts sets.

I carry, Bailie Womens/Girls Grips, Wristbands, Grip Bags, Straps and Gloves.   Hair Scrunchies, Hair Bows, assorted Keyrings, Teddy with their Leos.   HandE/Balm, Body Glue and much More!!

Do you carry Spare Parts?

Yes Absolutely..

Do you offer Layby and what are your payments options?

Yes l do.   Layby can be arranged and payment can be made in person, over the phone or direct deposit.  Available Payments are available:




Zip Pay

Direct Deposit

Why should l buy from you and not others?

Firstly l back what l sell, if there were any issues, l will resolve.  Happy Customer is a must.

I will not sell any product l feel is unsafe.  I make sure my products are sturdy, that is why you may see that my weight of the bars are twice as heavy as some others on the market today.   My bases are wider and thicker and have more stabilization brackets.   I just shake my head when l see these other cheaper light frame bars, they could easily topple over!!

My Compressed Mats are very reasonably priced, anywhere else you would be paying twice as much.   The compressed foam mat is ideal for the High Bar.  Quality Vinyl with zips and velcro on all sides.

They are big and bulky but they are there to protect your child.

I am a Western Australian Small Business.  If you reside in Wa keep your money in Wa and Support to keep Wa Business’s going..

How do l measure my daughters hand to get the right size grip?

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I'm confused, l dont know what type of bar/mat to purchase. Do you offer advise to help me to what l should buy?

Yes, when your new to the gymnastics scene it can be a little daunting to what you should buy..

Having two daughters that are involved with Gymnastics, l know the equipment’s pros/cons.   I can offer sound advise to what type of equipment to one should buy.

Depends on their age, ability, hrs at gym etc, amount of room you have etc and of course your budget.

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